Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Speedo Long Hair Cap

Available only in Thailand

10% discount and free shipping
            441 baht

Designed with long haired swimmers in mind

The easy on-and-off design of this silicone cap won't snag or pull your hair, and has extra space to accomodate longer hair to be tucked inside without compromising a smooth fit. Made from lightweight, latex-free silicone for durability and sleek performance.

Features and Benefits:

Perfect for medium to long hair

Cap helps protect hair against chlorine

Offers superior comfort and fit

Hydrodynamic - cap helps create a smooth profile in the water and reduce drag

Speedo Fluotime Printed Legsuit Girl

Only available in Thailand

Speedo size : 26 ( 8 years old)

10% discount and free shipping

             1341 baht
Colour :Navy/Pink/Orange/Blue

Colourful legsuit for swimming lessons, holidays and competitions.

Colour, comfort and durable style for the pool

Add some colour to your swims in this classic legsuit which features a bright abstract print. Offering great coverage thanks to the longer leg, the high chlorine resistance of the fabric also means it's durable enough to withstand regular trips to the pool.
Features & Benefits

Splashback design increases freedom of movement in the water

Legsuit design for increased coverage

Higher chlorine resistance than standard swimwear fabrics

Fits like new for longer with CREORA HighClo

Fabric stretches so you can enjoy your swim without feeling restricted
UPF 50+ sun protection

Speedo Women’s Futura Biofuse Flexiseal Goggle

Only available in Thailand

10% discount and free shipping
           1071 baht

The Women's Futura Biofuse® goggle is specifically designed to fit the shape of female faces. Soft and flexible materials provide enhanced comfort and fit; whilst a rigid structure helps to give the goggle exceptional stability, swim after swim. Cushioned comfort seals reduce leakage and marks around your eyes, and the anti-fog ultra-lenses provide excellent vision and clarity whilst swimming underwater. The Futura Biofuse® goggle is also quick and easy to adjust and protects your eyes from the sun's rays with UV protection. All these features make this a great goggle for regular swimming.

Features & Benefits

Our first Biofuse® goggle designed for women

Ergonomic female fit for a smaller face shape

Speedo Biofuse® technology engineered for maximum comfort with no lens distortion

AntiFog Ultra provides excellent vision and clarity

Fit and styling based on our popular Futura goggle

Protects the eyes from the sun's rays

SpeedFIT allows quick and easy fitting

Goggle pouch included

Composition: Lens - Cellulose Proprionate, Seal - Thermoplastic rubber, Strap - silicone, Frame - Polypropylene

Speedo Women’s Futura Bio Polarised Goggle

Only available in Thailand

10% discount and free shipping

            813 baht

Colour: Silver and Blue

Ideal for outdoor and fitness swimming, our polarised, wide vision female goggle reduces glare for superior peripheral vision and clarity. Speedo Biofuse® goggles feature deeper, softer seals than traditional goggles and mould to fit the shape of your face, reducing leakage and marks around the eyes.

anti-fog Ultra lenses and UV protection maximise your swimming experience, while SpeedFit technology allows quick and easy strap adjustment.

Features & Benefits

Women’s polarised fitness goggle

Ideal for outdoor, open water or fitness swimming

Polarised lens reduces glare for optimum vision

Engineered with Speedo Biofuse® technology with softer seals for maximum comfort
Wide vision lens with Anti-fog Ultra technology for superior peripheral vision and clarity
Flexible fit provides a snug, adaptable fit

Cushioned comfort seals reduce leakage and marks around the eyes

UV lens protects eyes from the sun’s rays

Goggle pouch included

Lens: PC / Seal: TPR / Strap: Silicone / Frame: PP

Speedo Sea Squad Kickboard

Available only in Thailand

10% discount and free shipping
         495 baht

Speedo Sea Squad Kickboard

Colour: Red and Blue

Practice and perfect the basics with a colourful kickboard

A kids kickboard is an important aid when teaching children to swim and this Sea Squad Kick Board has all the benefits of board with a fun and vibrant red design to boot. Help your child tackle learning to swim head on and build your budding swimmer’s confidence in the water. As the name suggests, it's a great way for children to practice kicking, get used to swimming positions and practice their breathing - the fundamentals of swimming whether you're a beginner or a pro!

Features and Benefits

Part of Speedo’s Learn to Swim stage 3 range

Grip points to help hold 

Free from PVC

Colourful design with fun Sea Squad characters

Speedo Plain Moulded Silicone Swimming Cap

Available only in Thailand

10% discount and free shipping

            441 baht

Colour: Blue or Black

Ergonomic 3-D design for a comfortable fit
Ideal for intensive use
100% silicone


Speedo Fit Laneback Women’s

Available only in Thailand

10% discount and free Shipping

Speedo size: 34 and 36

          2061 baht

Sporty laneback with bust support for comfort

Maximum comfort for your water workout

The sporty design of the Fit Laneback is both stylish and comfortable. Featuring bust support for extra comfort and confidence in the water, and made from Endurance10 fabric, which fits like new for longer.

Features & Benefits
Light bust support from a comfortable under band keeps your bust in place
Higher chlorine resistance than standard swimwear fabrics
Fits like new for longer with CREORA HighClo
Fabric stretches so you can enjoy your swim without feeling restricted
UPF 50+ sun protection

Speedo Biofuse Aquatic Earplug

Only available in Thailand
10% discount and free shipping
225 baht
Size: One Size
Essential accessory for serious swimmers
Easy to put in and take out, comfortable to wear and specifically designed for use in the water, these Biofuse Aquatic Earplugs are an essential part of a swimmer's kit. Keep the water out and your earplugs in thanks to the improved seal for a comfortable, secure fit.
Features and Benefits
Biofuse technology for superior comfort and fit
Ergonomic design aids easy insertion and removal
Multiple flange construction creates improved seal

Speedo Universal Nose Clip

10% discount and free shipping
Only Thailand
261 baht
Size: One Size
Colour: Clear
Quality, classic nose clip for a more comfortable swim
A simple yet essential swimmers accessory, the universal nose clip keeps the water out of your nose so you can concentrate on your technique. Suitable for any stroke, this high quality, clear nose clip is made with soft silicone pads for a comfortable fit. Protect your clip and keep it clean with the reusable case.
Features and Benefits
Available in a range of colours
Memory plastic frame for optimum fit
Soft Silicone pads offer maximum comfort
Comes with a reusable case

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Swimming lessons Bangkok

Easy day

This morning, 3 lessons have been canceled. I gave a class of 1.30 to a Russian who has the down syndrome. She should participate in the world swimming championship for down syndrome but with the political crisis between Russia and England, it is not sure that she has her visa because her parents are Russian diplomats. As usual I take great pleasure in giving my class and always give the best of my abilities. It's a real challenge and I love it. Always a little dull so always at rest and probably resume training tomorrow but very light and I will certainly change my way to train because with age we hurt much easier. We still write that we are 20 years old but the body does not have anymore and can not follow as before.

Monday, March 19, 2018

My day

swimming and fitness sessions

Today I had 2 fitness classes and 2 swimming lessons canceled. I take this opportunity to give me a massage because my back hurts me for a while. We always think we are young in the head but the body does not follow and we hurt ourselves. I'm going to have to change the way I'm training, I'm going to swim a lot more and ride a bike and less lift the weight and completely stop the deadlifts for a while.

Swimming Lessons

Best private swimming lessons in Bangkok

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Swimming Lessons in BKK


I teach kids from the best International Schools such as Patana, shrewsbury, St Andrew, Bangkok Prep, ISB....

Handy! I can come directly to your place.

Safe! I am qualified by Swim Australia.

Fun! Learn and enjoy at the same time.

Results! We don't just speak results, we make it happen!

Our fees are straight forward, no hidden cost, no administration fee, no subscription

fees: You pay what you use!

Standart fee ( adults and kids) : 1 hour = 1600  bahts
30 minutes= 1000 bahts

Package 10 hours: 14000 bahts
Package 10*30: 8000 bahts

Linkedin: Tony Bourgoin

Youtube page: tonyetbee

Facebook page:

Website :


Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Thank you for your nice words George

​George L
The results working with Tony were simply astounding. I reached out to a few instructors but I found Tony the most professional when communicating with him, so I gave him a try. From the first day I knew I made the right choice: he was all business. I later learned that he knows a lot more than my first impressions could pick up. Being around Tony, I found myself just doing more and not wasting time. I had this urge not to let him down, this was, I am sure, due to my respect for him. For my case, I did 30 minutes of intensive workout and 30 minutes of swimming. After 3 months, even my proud, uncomplimentary wife was so impressed. I came Tony with a beer belly and left with a six pack. Here is what I got out of Tony’s help:
  • My front crawl now looks simply amazing, before I looked like a drowning victim.
  • My breathing in the pool is calm and steady when swimming. This was always something that bothered me about swimming before.
  • I can now do an open turn, if you’re not sure what this is please look it up. The most impressive part here was Tony was able to teach this to me in one session.      
  • I can now do the difficult Ab Roller twenty times in a row with not much problem (from the standing position).
  • I can now swim for 20 minutes in the pool on my own without any fatigue.
  • I lost 20 pounds (9 Kilograms)
  • Of course, I also got improvement in sleep, memory and concentration, libido, reduced hunger for junk food, and sorry for being vain but just looking sexy.
Just in closing, I am not a perfect guy, I am 44 years old and I smoke, I also consider myself not a fast learner and a little lazy, but this was an investment that is paying many dividends. From now on every time I am back in Bangkok I have Tony and his team to lean on.
My highest respect and thanks to him.
P.S. You always have a place to stay when you are in Toronto