Thursday, May 23, 2019

Thank you Tian Yan

Tian Yang
I learnt swimming by myself after 30. I could swim breaststroke but I struggled to swim freestyle. I leanrt about Tony from a friend but I hesitated some time before booking a lesson with him. The 1st lesson was just magic! I could see the progress I made in one hour. After 3 lessons, I can swim freestyle confidently and I can also swim backstroke. Tony also helped me to correct my movments for breaststroke. Tony is very professional and he is also very kind and patient. He teaches the techniques by steps and he adapted the exercises to my own errors and weak points. So whether you want to learn swimming or to improve your skills, contact Tony for a lesson now! It is far more efficient than your trying by yourself or asking advice from friends or watching youtube for hours (as I have done all these myself). It is never too old to start swimming and everyone can enjoy the fun of water!

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